Our national network of Samuels Service Centres are professionally operated, ensuring personal and responsible service at all times.

Our workshop spaces are uniquely designed with impeccable style and décor to complement our top of the range vehicle service offerings.  We have state of the art equipment and diagnostic tools that guarantees you a professional service.

We pride ourselves on warm and inviting reception areas, waiting rooms with tea/coffee and water facilities and clean rest rooms.


Veedol Oil

Veedol Oil is a premium quality lubricant with a rich history of Firsts in the motor industry. Before Veedol was chosen for the first mass-produced Model-T car, the wagons pulled by horse used for transport were lubricated with vegetable oil. Veedol Oil’s incredible innovation in science pushed the mechanical automotive industry forwards.


Right 2 repair

Good News For Car Owners

You have the choice of where to service your car from the day you purchase it from the dealership throughout her entire life cycle.

In the past, when you purchased a car, the dealer would quote you on a price and then tell you about the added benefits that are ‘free’. We know that the benefit of a maintenance and service plan added onto your car’s purchase is far from free, but rather the price of the new vehicle has these costs worked into it.


6 Months to pay

Samuels Service Centre wants to make it easier to repair or service your car without breaking the bank. With our 6 Month credit facility you can repair or service your car and pay the cost over six months or less, instead of an upfront payment you can’t afford.