Mudita Initiative – #Samuels

Samuels Service Centre has undertaken an initiative that focuses on the less fortunate in the city of Durban and in so doing, we endeavor to elevate this less fortunate group of people.

Durban is a beautiful, culturally diverse and vibrant city. From our beautiful beaches to our prized heritage sites – at its core Durban is a melting pot of most of the typically South African cultures.

Like most big cities, Durban’s streets are also the beds and homes for many street people of varying ages. Research has not identified any particular reason why so many people live on our streets, but it is a reality that we must face. Samuels Service Centre has chosen to assist some of these individuals and in so doing, elevate and uplift this very neglected sector of Durban’s society.

The initiative for the community upliftment project is based on the principle of Mudita. A Thai principle that simply means: finding joy in the good fortune of others.

The less fortunate of SA and Durban appear not to contribute to society, many of these individuals have fallen off the radar and have found themselves living on the streets, eking out an existence. Many of these individuals are beggars often seen begging for money on the sides of the streets and at traffic lights. The public generally tend to shy away from these individuals by rolling up their windows when they come past or completely ignoring them.

We, at Samuels Service Centre, want to challenge that behavior by requesting that members of the public, whilst driving through intersections simply take a picture of these less fortunate individuals at the intersections in their Samuels Service Centre t-shirts.
Thereafter, post this picture on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Samuels. These individuals will be reimbursed by Samuels Service Centre for each picture taken. They will also be provided with a meal daily.

You no longer need to feel awkward or feel bad about not giving the beggar at the intersection any cash. Instead, you can contribute to his earning by taking his/her picture, posting it on Facebook or Instagram. The more pictures and posts the individual receives with positive comments the more those individuals will earn.
It will take seconds to take a picture and to post it to do your small bit to contribute to the welfare of someone less fortunate. Posting a picture and Hash-tagging Samuels is going to create awareness for this community focused cause. The more pictures and posts each less fortunate individual will receive, the more Samuels will remunerate them.

We then want to give back to Durban. With the beggars help we will start cleaning up Durban, one garden intersection at a time. We encourage all those who are willing to help out and give back to Durban and the less fortunate by sponsoring any equipment or plants to this project.

This community based project for the less fortune’s upliftment aims at empowering those individuals to become working citizens of society.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact at Melissa – 031 538 3200

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