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Samuels Service Centre

Our Workshops

Our network of franchise workshops will number 300 in the near future (24 month plan).

Our plan is to have smaller (average 4 bays) that are owner managed and operated to ensure personal and responsible service and care. Each workshop will have the same look and feel.

The service area will have state of the art equipment and diagnostic tools. The floor area will be clear of clutter and will be clean and inviting. The floors will all have non permeable epoxy flooring.

Our administration area will have clean and inviting reception and waiting areas with standard offerings for example; coffee, tea and water facilities. Our bathrooms will always be clean and in working order.

We make use of local material for example; old oil drums as tables that provide tasteful décor without providing over the top expensive facilities that are costed into the service and products.

It is well known that there is a huge gap in the South African motor industry . . .

  • Mechanical Aid

If you service your vehicle on-time and operate it properly it can last a very . . .

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