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Our Services

What we offer

Samuels Service Centre specialises in high quality major and minor services with a quick turnaround. We’re sure you will agree – the less time you have to be without your car, the better!

The Samuels Fair Value Service

Samuels Service Centre is well aware that people want good value for their money these days. That is why we commit to charging you a fair price for the work we do – without dropping our high standards. We call it the Samuels Fair Value Service.

Our prices are based on the estimated time it takes us to service and/or repair your car, and includes the cost of oil, parts and labour. Because every car is different a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not fair to you – or us. So when you book your car in and supply us with the details (make, model, engine number, etc) we will give you a cost estimate. When you bring the car in and we are able to look at it first-hand, we will then give you a final service cost.

Quick turnaround

We know time is money so we commit to completing your service in as short a time possible. Price estimates for repairs will vary, based on what is needed for each car.

We offer both a major and a minor service:

Major Service

Our major service includes:

  • Engine oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel filter change where it applies
  • Full safety check
  • Adjustment of handbrakes
  • Topping up of fluid levels
  • Re-setting service indicator
  • Diagnostic scan

Minor Service

This is a lube or oil service and includes:

  • Engine oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Full safety check
  • Adjustment of handbrakes
  • Topping up of fluid levels
  • Resetting of service light/indicator


For your convenience we will happily make any necessary repairs to your car while it is in for a service. Once we have assessed your car, our Service Advisors will tell you what repairs are needed and provide you with a cost estimate before we go ahead.

Please note: it is very likely that repairs plus servicing will take longer than the normal turnaround time. Before we start the work, we will tell you how much time we will need to complete the job.