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Samuels Service Centre

Mechanical Aid

Your precious vehicle is built and design to last far beyond the warranty period advertised by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
The vintage car association bears testimony to this.

If you service your vehicle on-time and operate it properly it can last a very long time. You can experience motoring peace of mind.
There are many companies that offer extended warranties, service plans and various vehicle maintenance plans.

Regrettably like most insurance type products these plans are not well explained until your claim is rejected.
We have attempted to  fix this dilemma by providing you with our mechanical aid packages.

We are all familiar with medical aid products that give us health cost comfort in the event of one needing health care.
Using the same principle we have developed our Mechanical aid package.

This offer is fully backed by our major banks who will gladly fund your requirements and simply add the costs to your vehicle repayment. Or provide separate funding if your vehicle is fully paid up.

We have designed a list of Mechanical Aid products that will give you motoring peace of mind and that will fit all budgets. Our products are based on 100 000kms. You may purchase the products at any time in the life of your vehicle. To qualify, your vehicle will simply need to pass our mechanical check, which is done in one of our franchised workshops.

This product is still in development and will be launched to consumers in 2020.

Classic Service

Our Classic Service option offers our valued customers typical vehicle servicing for 100 000kms. Each vehicle has different service intervals and we will service your vehicle at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals.
This plan includes minor services, major services as well as the typical major belt and pulley change.

Service Plus

The Service Plus plan includes the cover described in the classic service plus the maintenance of a list of ancillary items like, brakes, battery, windscreen wipers, globes etc.


A comprehensive list will be provided in the contract.


Mechanical Cover

Mechanical Cover includes the cover in the classic service and the service plus plans.
In addition, this plan extends to cover all the major mechanical components of the vehicle, for example: (but not limited to) engine, gearbox, differential, suspension, steering system etc.

The full list is provided in our contract.


This is our comprehensive service cover option for your vehicle and is designed for the motorists that wants absolute complete motoring peace of mind.
We describe this as our VIP cover.
It takes care of the mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle. It is also extended to include the management and replacement of your tyres.

Our contract terms and conditions will provide more details.