Devon’s Diversity Garden

Samuels Service Centre and Atlantic Oil have partnered together to create a wonderfully enriching spiritual garden at their premises in Springpark, Durban.

Devon’s Diversity Garden has models of the 5 main religious buildings within the greater Durban region. The Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple, where the Hindu religion is celebrated. The Emmanuel Cathedral, for the celebration of a Catholic mass. Christian Centre Jesus Dome, is a place of worship for Christians. Juma Masjid, to celebrate the Islamic religion. And a representation of the Shembe religion.

Samuels Service Centre dedicates Devon’s Diversity Garden to propagate God’s Glory, God’s Beauty, and God’s Love. 

God is our universal name for our divine saviour. There are numerous religious beliefs in the world, and each one refers to their divine saviour as God. The spiritual belief we choose for ourselves is unanimous in its understanding that God is everywhere, and the way to grow your spiritual connection is through prayer/mantras, and religious teaching. God has manifested creation. Within every religious belief, there is also an act of communion between God and each other. This evokes divine energies within us that we can share in communion with one another.  

We are taught through our religious beliefs to make sacrifices. These sacrifices encourage a humble life filled with faith, and the need to be filled with love and compassion for one another. 

We have experienced the beauty of faith-based sacrifices through the works of many incredible human beings like Mother Theresa and Gandhi.

The Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple


This temple was built by its community. A group of dedicated devotees worked tirelessly, in the face of many formidable challenges to complete the stunning temple.

The Emmanuel Cathedral



Juma Masjid



The mosque quickly grew and was converted from a tiny brick and mortar structure, because of the rise in the number of worshippers.

Christian Centre Jesus Dome


Is the biggest church owned building structure in the southern hemisphere, and is used to cater for its many devoted worshipers.

Shembe Religion



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