Car Care Tips

At Samuels Service Centre we believe that knowledge is your greatest asset. We understand that fixing and maintaining your car is a grudge purchase for you. Most people don’t enjoy it because they feel as though they are being ripped off by the service provider, and this feeling comes about due to a lack of knowledge for the basic maintenance aspects of your car. 

On this blog we will discuss some helpful tips for you to know, regarding the fundamentals of your car. 

One of the most important things to understand, is how to read your dashboard. Your dashboard shows you the health of your car. It will indicate to you when something is amiss with your car, and that it needs to be checks.

On a consistent basis your dashboard shows you your speed, the rev count when you change gears, your fuel consumption, and the temperature of your car. 

Speed Gauge: remember that speed kills, so you should always maintain a safe speed and 2m following distance from the car in front of you. 

Rev Counter: You should avoid driving with your rev count lower than 2 000 RPM, as this labours your car and doesn’t give enough power. 

Sometimes it is necessary to drive your car and push it to its limits. Driving your car fast every now and then pushes sediments through and out that were sitting dormant.  

Fuel Gauge: You should not be driving your car when your fuel light flashes on your dashboard. Having little to no fuel in your car while continuing to drive causes damage to the fuel pump and injectors. 

Heat Gauge: This is a first warning indicator if something is wrong with your car. It should always sit at the half-way mark on your dashboard (90 degrees). 

The below indicates other warning lights that could pop up on your dashboard:

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