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Samuels Service Centre

Our Story

It is well known that there is a huge gap in the South African motor industry between the independent workshops and the OEM dealerships. We have identified that customers are in the market for motoring peace of mind. We generate this peace of mind by offering our customers:

  • Quality
  • Trust
  • National network
  • Affordability

Samuels Service Centre is looking to place itself firmly in this gap. We have identified the need for a premium quality independent workshop in the independent sector and are looking to fill this role. This will be achieved by ensuring the supply of premium quality parts, across all makes and models of vehicles.

We also assure that we have the necessary skills and tools on hand to ensure quality work is being pushed out of each workshop. This coupled with our use of Veedol range of lubricants supports our commitment to quality workmanship.

At the nub of our value system is trust and integrity . . .

Samuels Service Centre’s are a well-established and ever-expanding . . .

  • Mechanical Aid

If you service your vehicle on-time and operate it properly it can last a very . . .

The service area will have state of the art equipment and diagnostic tools . . .